Episode 31: Unbundling, Public, Critical Open Fanboys

Episode 31 beginnt mit einem recht langen Teil zu #vfh17 & #jfmh17 aber wir sprechen dann auch noch über Gelesenes (trotz der Wärme bei der Aufzeichnung).

Was wir trinken

Markus: Augustiner
Christian: Kuddel Frisches Pils

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Marke 27:45
Marke 41:40 


Kommentar Matthias Fromm
Marke 43:15

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Marke 45:40
Marke 53:30
Marke 56:30
Marke 1:00:10
Marke 1:12:35
Marke 1:17:20
Marke 1:19:10
  • Martha Burtis‘ Keynote #domains17, Neither Locked in Nor Locked Out: http://wrapping.marthaburtis.net/2017/06/05/locked-in-out/
    • „The building of sites is absolutely the core activity of Domain of One’s Own. When the project first started one of the things I would frequently say when talking to students about the web was that I wanted them to realize that the web was not something that happened to them but they were happening to. And I still believe this is an important message for our students to hear to and understand.“
Marke 1:23:30
Marke 1:31:05
Marke 1:32:50
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Marke 1:52:00

Rubrik: Größter Blödsinn der Woche

MyReplika: AI Chatbot (gratis)

Was wir tun werden

  • OER-Camp in HH

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